Window Woes: Transforming a Less-Than-Perfect View

June 13, 2024


Windows frame the world beyond. So, when you’re selling your home, what do you do if the view is less picturesque and more problematic? Fear not. There are clever ways to ensure potential buyers don’t fixate on a less-than-perfect view.

Start with window treatments. They are your first line of defense. Sheer curtains allow natural light to come through while softly obscuring the view. For a bolder approach, choose statement curtains that draw the eye inward and become a focal point.

Another option is to install a window box filled with vibrant flowers or lush greenery. Not only does this provide a living picture frame, but it also adds a dash of nature to the view. This makes the window itself more attractive, so the view becomes less of an issue.

Proper interior lighting is another way to redirect attention. Wall sconces, pendant lights, or even a well-placed mirror can illuminate the room and draw focus away from the windows.

A practical option for privacy and style is frosted glass or adhesive window films. They come in various patterns and can mimic everything from etched glass to a stained-glass masterpiece.

Hanging artwork or photographs around windows can also alter a viewer’s gaze. Well-positioned pieces can make windows seem like part of a gallery wall, rather than portals to the outside. High shelves near the window staged with decorative items or books can reclaim the line of sight, making the actual view a background consideration.

As you can see, there are many ways to turn a window with a less-than-ideal view into an attractive feature that supports the sale of your home. Remember, the goal is to enhance, not deceive, ensuring buyers appreciate the entire space.

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